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Product code: CPC 300
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The CPC 100 is an entry level single denomination  coin counting/bagging solution.  It is mainly used for counting coins or tokens. It can continuously count and count to a preset number. It counts pre-sorted coins. The double dial adjustment allows simple setup. One setting of the dial is enough to select the proper denomination. Coins which are smaller by at least 0.5 mm than the present set denomination are off sorted automatically. Count totals can be stored in memory.
CPC300 comes with a 1 year return to base warranty 
Counts and batches single denomination coins
Rejects any wrong denomination coin

£479.00 exc VAT
(£574.80 inc VAT)
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CPC-200 Coin sorter
Product code: CPC-200
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CPC-200 Professional UK coin sorter & counter

Ready for the new £1 coin
Ideal for Charities, small vending, clubs, pubs etc.

This model will show how much cash in total you are sorting as it sorts, a total number of the different coins in the sort boxes.
Counting Speed: 216Coins Pr. Minute
Counting device: CCD Sensor
Display type: 7 Digits Display
Power  source: Mains 240V
Dimension: 355(D)mm  -330(W)mm 266(H)mm
Net  Weight: 3.5Kg
Realisticly this machine will cope with a couple of  thousand pounds a week, any more than this would require more than one mahine. Still the saving in manhours over one year is amazing.

Special offer £175 or buy 2 for £162.50 each

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